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Friday 23rd August 2024 - The Star, Gold Coast, QLD, ON SALE NOW
feat vocal performances by; Glenn Whitehall, Jessica Lingotti, Mark Da Costa & Samantha Jenkins.

Direct From Sold out Concerts and back by popular demand –

'The Great Gig In The Sky' will finally make it's return to The STAR, Gold Coast on Friday 23 August 2024.

This brilliant homage concert features numerous gems from The Wall, Wish You Were Here and Dark Side Of The Moon showcased by exceptional guest vocalists Glenn Whitehall (The Voice), Mark Da Costa (Idol), Jessica Lingotti (Burn The Floor), introducing Samantha Jenkins with special guest Amy Nelson (Little Green). 
Led by creative director Joseph Calderazzo (Jenny Morris Band / The Bloomvilles) the superb all-star band includes Glenn Moorhouse (American Idiot), Ian Tilley (Boom Crash Opera), Sam McNally (Stylus) Bennet Livingston (Lillye) and Claudine Rhodes. 
With a reputation for breathtaking moments and stunning interpretations, this show has sold out in Sydney venues since 2003 and is simply unmissable.
Don't just wish you were there, book now!

The performance promises to please even the most critical Pink Floyd fan, so don't just wish you were there, book now!


Doors at 7.00pm

Show at 8:00pm


"When Joseph Calderazzo presented ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’ shows in Melbourne in 2019 he gave the Australian audience the closest thing to a Pink Floyd experience as we could get without any members of Pink Floyd. His curated band goes into great lengths to present a credible Pink Floyd experience." Paul Cashmere - Noise 11



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'The Great Gig In The Sky' honouring the musical legacy of the great Pink Floyd.

'The Great Gig In The Sky' honouring the musical legacy of the great Pink Floyd.

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Money f/ Marc Dakosta

Money f/ Marc Dakosta

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Run Like Hell

Run Like Hell

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What the people are saying

Thanks for another great show last night at Bathurst. Julie 2019


Attended your show in Bathurst last week. What a blast!!! I am not much on “tribute band” shows and was dubious but love Pink Floyd so took the chance!!
I am so glad I did!! Your ensemble is soooo talented! You are faithful to the music without trying or pretending to “be” Pink Floyd. Superb performances! Thank you for a terrific night of musical entertainment. Rhonda 2019


Thank you, Joseph, for a great night and congrats to everyone involved “quality to the max “ Phil 2019


Got to see the Great Gig in the Sky last Saturday at Bathurst. If you are a Pink Floyd fan, do yourself a favour and check it out - it’s incredible. Dan 2019


It was a great show, awesome vocals, amazing band! Ross 2019
Fantastic show last night Joseph. Thanks to you all for sharing your gifts and talents and recreating some of the music I grew up listening to. Hope next week is just as spectacular. Trevor 2019


You guys did a great job! The crowd loved you too, as did I.. Very professionally put together Joseph Calderazzo with a great band and vocals. Keep up the great work putting shows like this together. We need more of these. Amber 2019
Fabulous show, great musicians. Really enjoyed the night. I hope you come back to Melbourne again soon. David 2019
We just saw you guys play at Warragul... omg you were amazing beyond words!!! Probably the best show I’ve ever seen (& I’ve been to heaps of big concerts in the city) Mind you Pink Floyd are my favourite band of all time... thank you so much for coming to our town to play !!! Lissy 2019


It's worth going to this show. We have been a number of times in Gosford. Yvonne 2019


It's a great Concert! Carola 2019

While Joseph Calderazzo has been performing his Pink Floyd show ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’ for the past 15 years for Sydney it was only this week that he brought the performance to Melbourne.


Performing the music of Pink Floyd in an intimate venue like Memo Music Hall is not a simple task. Pink Floyd left the pub scene a long time ago. The current original incarnation of Floyd live is the Roger Waters’ show. Those shows are put together by what seems like a small group of scientists reinventing live performance with every new tour.

For The Great Gig In the Sky Joseph was tasked with making the incredible credible and that he has certainly achieved. While his long-time vocalist Hugh Wilson also ventured down from Sydney, Joseph put together a crack time of Melbourne musicians and vocalists to bring Floyd to life on a Melbourne stage for the first time since Roger Waters presented the Us + Them shows of 2018.

Dave Leslie of Baby Animals must have gone to Gilmour University to study for the show. Opening with the 16 minutes epic ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’, I could not fault one note of his guitar playing (and I was listening out for it).

Stars’ singer Mick Pealing shared lead vocals with Hugh Wilson. It didn’t turn out to be one being Gilmour and one being Waters. Both Pealing and Wilson shared of both Floyd lead singers vocals.

Tracy Kingman and Nikki Nicholls were the silent achievers in the show although Nikki turned out to be not so silent with her stunning screams in the Dark Side of the Moon side 1 closer ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’. The disturbed original vocal by Clare Torry would give any throat a workout but what was incredible was that Nikki had no voice just 48 hours earlier and at one point looked like she would have to pull out of the show. Instead, she gave a perfect replica of the original Dark Side experience sending shivers into the crowd.
Paul -Noise 11 2019


I went to the gig at Revesby Workers Club last night and man, what an awesome gig. Well done to you all, I was blown away by your performance. Please come back again! Gary 2018

That was an awesome show! Thank you all for a great night out with great music! Andrew 2018

Saw them last night. Incredible!!! Margi 2018
G'day.went to the "great gig in the sky" on Saturday night, I've also seen "whole lotta love" show on more than one occasion ........ it was out of this world. Congrats for putting on this show. Would you be able to tell me do you guys do any other shows, and if so when & where .......don't really care what artist you do as if it's like any of your other shows it will be top-notch.

Cheers Brian 2013


Great Gig In The Sky: A fan’s review  The Basement - Friday 15 May 2009


Unquestionably, Pink Floyd’s music sits high on any list of all-time greats. But, no matter how incredible your Denon amp or Technics CD player is, nothing will ever beat the live sound of Speak To Me, the mesmeric and epic epoch to Syd Barrett that opens the album Wish You Were Here, Shine on you Crazy Diamond, or that most powerful of rock anthems, Another Brick In The Wall.


I never got to see Pink Floyd play live. But then, I never saw Beethoven or Tchaikovsky either. Pink Floyd can justifiably be mentioned in that same paragraph. They are classics, and they need to be enjoyed live. However, if you’re looking for a group of guys playing at being Rock Gods with lights and lasers, then go somewhere else, buy the T-shirt and take the photo. This incredible collection of supremely talented musicians, the excellent musical direction of Joseph Calderazzo and the perfect Basement location is a pure celebration of the power and beauty of live music. It’s not about the seamless pin-point matching of every conceivable note, it’s about the heart and the soul of some of the greatest music ever created. If you come for one thing, come for the sublime saxophone on Us and Them by Aaron Michael.


The Great Gig In The Sky is an incredible evening, with almost every song capturing the pure beauty of the original composition.


Like a broad selection of the packed venue, I have been before and I will go again. Most of the audience there on the15th will go again too. You should join us.


Gareth Eden-Styche




I have attended several of your “Great Gig In The Sky” Pink Floyd celebrations at The Basement, where I have have always been massively impressed by the quality, passion and style of the performances and look forward to seeing your next one.










Loved the Pink Floyd concert in Gosford. Well done.


Will you be performing "Dylan" at Laycock?


Cheryl Randell




Hello CC Entertainment


I just wanted to thank the management of CC Entertainment and all the musicians for a wonderful Pink Floyd show at the Laycock Street Theatre at Gosford last week.


It was so wonderful to see such fine musicians in a great gig here on the Coast and I really hope that CC and their team come back soon.


PS. Please add me to your email listing.








"The great gig in the sky was an unforgettable journey through Pink Floyds' finest. Believe me, you'll wish you were there if you miss it, a magical show."


(Darren Stanbridge - Hitstate Music)




Hi Joseph,


Thank you for the invite to the Pink Floyd Tribute on Sat. night. What a great concert! This was one of the best, we've ever seen at The Basement - you all captured an energy and excitement that has not been seen for a long while with bands. The lead singers were excellent as were the musicians -and the balance struck between the musicians and singers was superb. But the highlight for us was your guitar playing - you certainly have a great affinity with your instrument.


Thanks again for the great night's entertainment.


Kind regards,


Helen Kennedy




On one of my regular outings to The Basement in Sydney, I found out to my astonishment that there was going to be a "Pink Floyd Tribute". Although getting a bit tired of tribute shows I hung around to see and hear what it was all about. The only person I knew in the band was Joseph Calderazzo who also works with my dear friend Jeff Duff in his "Bowie Show" which is also pretty amazing. Being past 50 and a 1970's pop tragic, Pink Floyd is on very high rotation on my stereo system at home. Pink Floyd's music is hypnotic, calming and inspiring at the same time. So knowing just about every tune back to front I positioned myself somewhere in The Basement so I could just get a glimpse of what was going on on stage and what happened just blew me away completely. A sound engulfed the venue with the most incredible likeness of Pink Floyd which pleased me instantly and majorly. Listening to a tribute band is one thing but when it doesn't sound like the "real thing" it becomes painful and irritating but these guys and the very spunky backing vocalists I may add managed to create the perfect sound. Especially "The Great Gig In The Sky" with one of the backing vocalists doing a better job than the original. Joseph's guitar solos matched David Gilmore note for note. Also being a jazz tragic I'm used to hearing applause after solos but not in pop until that evening when Joseph had them clapping after every solo. As a matter of fact, Pink Floyd themselves couldn't have done a better job. The crowd which was quite substantial, (the joint was packed) went wild including me. I found myself at the end of the gig at the same spot and realised I hadn't moved. This was ONE HELL OF A BAND complete with sexy roaring tenor saxophone solos it was the total package. I left after the gig to get home, put on Pink Floyd and see how I could criticise the guys I heard earlier only to come to the conclusion that it was as good as the real thing. Now I can't wait to see them again and again and again replacing the very high rotation on my stereo with The Basement or other live venues where I may catch them.


Good luck to the people involved with their enormous musicianship which seems to be alive and kicking.


Leslie Moore


The Australian Jazz Agency




Hello all at CCE


Went to "Great Gig in the Sky " last Thursday night at Laycock St. Theatre with 2 of my sons, Easily one of the best nights we have all had for years.


Congratulations on an entertaining, polished, professional, show.


I have played at Laycock st theatre ( In the orchestra pit ) & have been to heaps of shows in the audience & have not seen many standing ovations & audience reaction like you guys & ladies got.


We are looking forward to your next show in Gosford, How about Led Zepplin?


I'm sure after the vibe at last weeks show you would sell out for sure.


Regards Barney, Andrew, and Ben Waters




Hi, I recently went to the Laycock Street Theatre concert and want to be on the mailing list. I loved the show, the venue was great and I am spreading the word.




Margaret Berry




The program continues to develop with concerts from Contemprée Calderazzo (Pink Floyd and most recently Sting/The Police) becoming a regular event. These rock concerts feature top class vocalists with a professional house band and are a very popular event at their home in The Basement in Sydney. We hope to get a Led Zeppelin concert in August and a Beatles concert in September, so contact the theatre or check out the website for more details closer to the date.


Centre Stage - Laycock St Theatre MagazineI just wanted to thank the management of CC Entertainment and all the musicians for a wonderful Pink Floyd show at the Laycock Street Theatre at Gosford last week. It was so wonderful to see such fine musicians in a great gig here on the Coast and I really hope that CC and their team come back soon.




In loving memory of

Natasha Stuart 1977 - 2020

Thanks! Message sent.

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